The 2 in 1 DuplexPro® Synthetic Extract Filter eliminates the need for two separate filters in the extract system. Manufactured using recycled synthetic fibres, DuplexPro® is specifically designed to optimise air flow, whilst maintaining paint holding capacity.

Benefits Of The DuplexPro

  • One filter with two functions – replaces glass-fibre and synthetic
  • Higher holding capacity compared to glass-fibre
  • Lasts longer than traditional two-stage filters
  • Free from glass-fibres making it safer to handle
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly – made from recycled synthetic fibres, the DuplexPro is another step in helping the spray booth industry become more environmentally friendly

Saves You Time and Money

By lasting longer than traditional glass-fibre filters, utilising the DuplexPro inside your spray booth or HVAC system will result in fewer filter changes and substantially less waste. This could lead to reduced labour costs, as the DuplexPro only requires one person to install and replace, as well as money saving on skip hire, reducing your overall costs and protecting the environment.

Beta Group is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality spray booth filters. Adding the DuplexPro® to our extensive range of filters highlights our commitment to providing our customers the best filters in the UK. We have our 30 years’ experience supplying and installing spray booth filters and HVAC filters, with engineers located throughout the country. To speak to our team about the DuplexPro, contact us on 01706 878 330 or get in contact using the Enquiry Form below. Alongside manufacturing and installing spray booth filters, we offer spray booth services, both planned and reactive.