Safe and Compliant Installation and Maintenance Services for Aerospace Spraybooths

Installation and Maintenance Services for Aerospace Spraybooths

Beta Group houses a dedicated team of specialists with over 30 years of industry experience, all of whom are committed to providing a complete service for spraybooths used within the aerospace industry. Our aerospace spraybooth services are designed to accommodate large and small-scale enterprises.

We supply new industrial spraybooths for smaller aerospace components through to a complete aircraft. All work carried out for the aerospace industry complies with all current health and safety legislation. To talk about your aerospace options, call us today on 01706 878 330 or fill in the enquiry form below.

Alongside servicing your spraybooths, Beta Group provides legislative testing, including Thorough Examination & Testing of LEV Systems, Breathing Air Quality (BAQ) Tests, Dust Extraction Services, and Spray Booth Filters. Our service offering is designed to ensure your equipment runs efficiently, reliably and in full compliance with all relevant legislation.

To ensure your spray booth achieves and sustains maximum performance and efficiency, Beta Group also provides a specialised AfterCare® service. Our team of highly skilled engineers ensure your spray booth is always working at optimal potential.

Once Beta Group installs a new spraybooth for our customers, our job is not complete, it is only just beginning. To get the most out of your investment, you will require Beta Group’s Spray Booth AfterCare® products and services. These services are designed to maintain your spraybooth, so it does not stop working.

The Spray Booth AfterCare® products and services extend beyond regular servicing and legislative testing; they improve overall cleanliness. Good cleanliness prolongs the life of your equipment and creates a safe and efficient working environment.

You can find out more about our spray booth services here. If you require spray booth filters, we supply a range of extract filters and ceiling filters.

Spraybooth Aftercare™
Aerospace Services

Beta Group’s specialist Spray Booth AfterCare™ service provides high-grade maintenance services for all leading brands of spraybooths, ensuring your machine retains prime functionality and performance whilst conforming to all UK and EU health and safety regulations.

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Beta Aerospace Services

The services available through Spray Booth AfterCare™ come in five packages, which are available individually or in a specially tailored service – whatever best suits your requirements.

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  • Aerospace Spraybooth Service & Maintenance
  • Aerospace Spraybooth Filters
  • Aerospace Technical Services
  • Aerospace Spraybooth Care
  • Aerospace Spraybooth Installation

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    "I started using Beta Group in 2002 for air filters. They have been consistently excellent. I would definitely recommend them; in fact I don’t know what I would do without them."

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    "The Spraybooth breakdown was up and running within the hour. This would have cost a lot in downtime if it wasn’t for your team."

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    "I would like to commend your engineers for their quality of workmanship during the difficult boiler installation. They completed the works with very little disruption to our tenants."

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