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Spraybooth Filters Designed to Improve Performance

Beta Group specialises in the manufacture and supply of spraybooth filters, catering for all makes and models of spray booths. All spraybooth filters are manufactured in-house.

By regularly replacing your spray booth filters, you will prolong the life of your spray booth, as well as ensuring optimum paint finish and providing cleaner air for the environment, internally and externally. Selecting the correct spraybooth filter is often overlooked; inferior quality spraybooth filters lead to poor paint finishes and cause significant damage to your booth leading to high repair costs and extensive downtime.

We provide inlet and extract filters for all spray booths, as well as booth filters that can be used for painting, prepping, polishing or fume extraction. Whatever your filter needs, we can meet your requirements.

Our standard spray booth filters are listed below. Please call us on 01706 878 330 if you require custom sized filters.

Our Spray Booth filtration Products

PC Pleat PC Cube Spray Booth Filter

PC Cube

High-performance solution that reduces operating costs and lowers your carbon footprint. Boasting a superior holding capacity, the PC Cube takes overspray collection to higher levels.

  • Users can achieve up to 30% energy savings.
  • The PC Cube complies with ISO 14001 and EU environmental standards.
  • Ensures quality of production by maintaining constant efficiency.
  • Reduces cost of production by decreasing maintenance times.
  • Guarantees the safety of operatives.

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Diffusion Media (Intake Filter)

Diffusion Media (Intake Filter Roll)

A synthetic, fibre based ceiling filter to provide uniform, high quality spray booth filtration.

  • 100% saturation with a special adhesive “tackifier” prevents migration of particles down to 5 microns
  • Grades M5 and M6 available (as per EN 779-2012)
  • Approved by major automotive manufacturers
  • Variety of dimensions and quality available

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Spraybooth Pre-filters

A synthetic media filter designed to suit pre-filtration applications for every type of spray booth.

  • Various forms available – pads, rolls, pleated panels and bags
  • Grades G2, G3 and G4 available (as per EN 779-2012)
  • Available in white or blue/white.

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Input & Extract Bag Filter (Intake Filter)

Input & Extract Bag Spray booth Filters (Intake Filter)

A deep pocket bag filter to provide high dust holding capabilities. Suitable for all makes and models of spray booths.

  • Various pocket options available – from 1 to 12 pockets
  • Assembled with metal frames for further rigidity
  • Available as a non-frame option

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Glass-fibre (Extract Filter)

Glass-fibre Spray booth Filters (Extract Filter)

A glass-fibre filter with high dust holding capacity. Ideal for spray booth extract chests and floors.

  • Also known as ‘paint arrestor’ or ‘paint stop’
  • Various forms available – rolls and cut pads
  • Many sizes available

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Layered Paper (Extract Filter)

Layered Paper Spray booth Filters (Extract Filter)

Made from layered Kraft paper, these spray booth filters provide fine filtration with a high level of retention and dust holding capacity.

  • Suitable for all solvents and water based paints
  • Various layer combinations/depths available
  • Flame resistant with long service life
  • Available in mats and rolls

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Pleated Paper (Extract Filter)

Pleated Paper Spraybooth Filters (Extract Filter)

A pleated, asymmetric cardboard filter for spray booths designed to attract the paint. Ideally used vertically.

  • Range of types and sizes available
  • Ideal in open-faced spraybooths
  • Self-supporting an easily fitted

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Dust Collector

Dust Collector For Spraybooths

Replacement filters for dust extraction systems. Designed to improve performance and reduce energy costs.

  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Cartridges and bags available
  • Various media available

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