Spray Booth Installation, Support, and Maintenance Services for the Industrial Sector

Spray Booth Installations and Servicing for the Industrial Sector

Beta Group provides a comprehensive range of installation and maintenance services for industrial spray booths. As we are not affiliated to any one industrial spraybooth manufacturer, we provide impartial advice on the type of spray booth you may need, depending on your individual requirements and budget. You can find more about our installation services here.

Alongside our installation services, we supply a vast range spray booth filters, including pre-filters, extract filters, and inlet filters. Our range of spray booth filters can be found here.

We combine highly skilled, knowledgeable in-house engineers with invaluable assistance from our team of account managers, who resolve any concerns and cover every integral aspect of health & safety.

Our range of AfterCare® specialised services are tailored towards the industrial spray booth industry, ensuring we can help customers with whatever they need. Our engineers are located throughout the UK to offer a truly nationwide service, ensuring our rapid response at local level can be applied to large national accounts.

Part of Beta Group’s commitment to its client is the provision of legislative testing and technical spraybooth services to ensure our clients provide their operatives with clean, breathable air, as well as comply with current health and safety legislation.

All Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system operators have a legal requirement to ensure their machinery complies with current health and safety requirements.

Beta Group carries out LEV Testing in bodyshops and factories across the UK to ensure that our clients comply with the COSHH. All technical services are completed by our team of experienced in-house engineers. Spray booths also undergo smoke clearance tests, as well as Breathing Air Quality (BAQ) tests to ensure our clients can complete their projects in a safe working environment.

If you want to know more about our industrial spraybooth services, ring us on 01706 878 330 or leave an enquiry here.

  • gas-safe
  • safe contractor approved
  • BESA
  • NBRA
  • ABP
  • chamber of commerce
  • CHAS Transparent