Filtrair is a global manufacturer of air filters, synthetic air filtration media, and spray booth filters

Filtrair Air Filters

Filtrair is a global manufacturer of air filters, spray booth filters, and synthetic filtration media. Filtrair is recognised as a specialist supplier to the automotive spray booth industry in the UK, Europe, North America, and Asia, as well as subsidiaries located throughout the world. Filtrair is globally recognized as a market leader for filtration products in the related automotive body repair facilities.

Their products have been developed for, and applied in, scores of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, installed in public buildings and plants. Filtrair’s air filters are found to protect gas turbines, sensitive manufacturing processes, high-tech equipment, and medical facilities, in addition to food-processing, pharmaceutical and electronic facilities.

Fine air filtration media specifically designed to be used in down-draft paint spray booths as the final filtration barrier to all paint damaging particles from the intake air stream. This top-quality ceiling filter ensures a uniform air distribution and an all-round laminar flow throughout the spray booth when applied in auto assembly plants and auto refinishing facilities as well as in the repair after markets.

Synthetic fibre-based filter media developed and manufactured at Filtrair’s high-tech media plant based in The Netherlands and sold in the UK by Beta Group. Filtrair’s ceiling filter media has been approved by major automotive manufacturers across the UK.

Alongside spray booth filters, Filtrair also develops a range of Rigid Bag Filters, all of which can be purchased from Beta Group. Filtrair’s PlusAir Pocket Filters have been specially developed to guarantee clean air in diverse applications. The PlusAir Pocket Filters can be used in air handling units in buildings, schools, automotive plants, gas turbines, and rotary equipment.

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Filtrair Air Filters - Filtration Group

Filtrair Air Filtration Products

Filtrair HVAC Media

Pre and course filtration barrier to the air intake systems in general ventilation and air handling systems.

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Filtrair Diffusion Media

Filtrair Diffusion Media

A synthetic, fibre based ceiling filter to provide uniform, high quality spray booth filtration.

Approved by major automotive manufacturers.

Variety of dimensions and qualities available.

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Filtrair Hydrophobic Media

Filtrair Hydrophobic Media

Pre and Course Filtration barrier to protect high efficiency canisters. 100% polyester, high water repellent media.

Filter wrap material available in a variety of sizes to fit both cylindrical and conical canisters

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Filtrair Air Filtration Products

Filtrair Rigid Pocket Filters

Constructed with a 100% synthetic fiber media to ensure high-depth loading with low pressure drop. These filters combine sequential progressive density layers.

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Filtrair Air Filtration Products

Filtrair Drop Safe Rigid Pocket Filters

Specially designed for elimination and drainage of free water (e.g. fog) and airborne particles (e.g. salt crystals).

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Filtrair Air Filtration Products

Filtrair Reverse Pocket Filters

Reverse premium coalescer and pre-filters with high water repellent properties. For extreme environments; high moisture, water mist content and high velocity.

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