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About Our HVAC Filters

Your buildings HVAC applications require regular filter replacements.

By regularly changing your HVAC filters, you will ensure improved air quality and also prolong the life of your equipment.

We provide specialised HVAC filters for a wide variety of uses. Please contact us to discuss your air filtration requirements.

HVAC Filter Products

spray booth filters

Foam Filter

A low efficiency filter suited to the following applications: air conditioning, fan coil units, oil mist elimination and cosmetic use (i.e. spray tan booths)

  • Moisture resistant
  • Low efficiency HVAC Filter
  • Pore sizes 10ppi to 75ppi available

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spray booth filter system

Grease Filter (Baffle Type)

A metal filter designed to improve hygiene standards and reduce fire hazards in kitchens.

  • Interlocking baffles force greasy air through the filter
  • Easy to clean – wash in mild detergent
  • Various sizes available

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spray booth filter system

Grease Filter (Mesh Type)

Designed to effectively remove grease and cooking oils from exhaust air in catering applications.

  • Robustly constructed with metal for long life
  • Intricate design ensures optimum efficiency for low grease loads
  • Easy to clean – regularly cleaning ensures long lifespan

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HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter

High efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA) are also known as ‘absolute filters’. Ideal for asbestos specialists, clean rooms and hospitals/operating theatres where cleanliness is vital.

  • Available from efficiencies from 95% to 99.995% (H10 – H14) depending on the application
  • Prevents the escape of hazardous particles – premium protection for critical filtration requirements
  • Designed to cleanse indoor air – effective in providing a contaminant free workplace

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spray booth filter system

Drop Safe Filter

Also known as a ‘rigid pocket filter’. Designed for eliminating and draining free water (e.g. fog) and airborne particles (e.g. salt crystals).

  • Patented sealed boot pocket design
  • Suitable for extreme environmental conditions
  • Grades G4, F5 and F6 available (as per EN 779-2012)

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spray booth filter system

Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filters are used for purifying air, gases and liquids. They also provide odour control.

  • Porous structure to absorb numerous substances and contaminants
  • Accompanied by a special holding frame
  • For use in a standard air conditioning unit

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