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About Our Panel Filters

Panel Filters play an important role in extending the lifetime of air handling units in residential and commercial buildings, such as hospitals and cleanrooms.

These filters generally act as a pre-filter, providing protection against large airborne particles. Beta Group’s Synthetic, Glass, and Pleated Panel Filters are available in a wide range of depths and sizes.

Glass Panel Filters are a low-grade primary filtration solution offering filtration for coarse particulates such as dust and paint. They are manufactured with a moisture resistant cardboard frame encasing a graduated continuously spun glass filament in a pad form. Commonly used in general heating and ventilation systems, factories and workshops, coarse filtration for machinery and spray booths.

Synthetic Panel Filters are a low to medium efficiency air filter for the filtration of large particulates. Quality synthetic filtration media pads are supported within a moisture resistant cardboard frame. Commonly used in general ventilation systems to protect duct mounted equipment and provide a low-grade of indoor air quality.

Pleated Panel Filters are amongst the most common air filters seen used in heating and ventilation systems and mounted in air handling units. By using a pleated media on a supporting wire offers a large surface area minimising pressure drops. Pleated filtration material is sealed and fixed into moisture resistant cardboard frames to give a rigid, long-lasting panel filter of various thicknesses.

All Panel Filters are manufactured in our state-of-the-art warehouse in Lancashire and can be supplied and installed by our in-house team of highly skilled engineers.

If you need help with your Panel Filter requirements or are unsure which is the best Panel Filter for your requirements, please ring 01706 878 330 or use our Enquiry Form to contact our friendly Air Filtration team.

Synthetic Panel Filter

Synthetic Panel Filters

A disposable panel filter made using a synthetic filter media to provide similar attributes to the industry standard glass panel, but without the use of glass fibre. Encapsulated in a rigid cardboard frame, the filter media is 100% synthetic media, made using a variety of different fibre sizes and thicknesses.

  • Provides protection from larger airborne particles
  • Used in many HVAC applications as coarse duct filter or pre-filter
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Grades G2 to G4 available (as per EN 779-2012)

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Glass Panel Filter

Glass Panel Filters

A well-known and popular disposable panel filter used in many HVAC applications as a ‘coarse dust filter’ or pre-filter. This filter will provide protection from larger airborne particles and has a low replacement cost.

  • Low replacement cost
  • Grades G2 and G3 available (as per EN 779-2012)
  • Wide range of sizes available

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Pleated Panel Filter

Pleated Panel Filters

This disposable panel filter uses a synthetic media that is ‘pleated’ to provide an increased filter area. The filter media is bonded to a fine metal mesh which is especially pleated to provide strength and uniform pleat construction which is then encapsulated in a rigid cardboard frame. Used in HVAC systems where an increased level of protection is required.

  • Bonded to a fine metal mesh to provide strength
  • Enclosed in a rigid cardboard frame
  • Grades G4 to F9 available (as per EN 779-2012)
  • Wide range of sizes available

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