PC Cube - Modular Designed Spraybooth Filter

PC Cube - Modular Designed Spraybooth Filter

PC Cubes are a highly popular, practical and affordable solution for capturing paint in spray booths. In addition to being highly efficient and using eco-friendly materials, the PC Cubes modular design comprises flexible filters shaped by using several layers of fire-proofed, pierced, slit, and expanded kraft paper stitched together using 100% polyester thread. A great benefit of utilising the PC Cube in spraybooths when compared with traditional filters is the modular design ensures the system easy to install and replace, whilst keeping production costs to a minimum, as well as maximising particle collection and service life.

PC Cubes Modular Design Results In Cost Savings

Overspray tends to congregate where the paint is being sprayed which, if using a traditional filter, would require the entire item being changed. Due to its ergonomic design, PC Cubes make it possible for individual filters to be changed one at a time. Beta Group customers using the PC Cube system in their spraybooths have highlighted the fact that it is now much easier to replace filters and they are doing so on a less regular basis.

Beta Group has provided its customers with a way to reduce their filter costs, as well as help them reduce the time spent on maintenance between filter changes and scheduled spraybooth servicing. Production costs are also optimised as individual cubes are only replaced once they are used up to their maximum load capacity.

PC Cube Before & After

Benefits Of The PC Cube

With superior holding capacity, high efficiency, and extremely low pressure drop, the PC Cube takes paint overspray collection to higher levels. Benefits of the PC Cube include:

  • Reduction in product costs due to reduced maintenance times
  • Increase in the quality of production
  • Maintenance is made easier as servicing of PC Cube is quick and easy
  • Improvement in operatives’ safety
  • PC Cubes help protect the environment and comply with ISO 14001 standards
  • Bodyshops can achieve energy savings of up to 30% by using PC Cubes compared to traditional filters

Beta Group is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality spray booth filters. Adding the PC Cube to our extensive range of filters highlights our commitment to providing the automotive spraybooth industry with the best possible filters available in the UK. We have our 30 years’ experience supplying and installing spraybooth filters throughout the UK, with engineers located in all parts of the country. To speak to our team about our PC Cube range contact us on 01706 878 330 or get in contact using the Enquiry Form below. Alongside installing and distributing PC Cubes, we also supply spray booth services.

PC Pleat PC Cube Spray Booth Filter

PC Cube

High-performance solution that reduces operating costs and lowers your carbon footprint. Boasting a superior holding capacity, the PC Cube takes overspray collection to higher levels.

  • Users can achieve up to 30% energy savings.
  • The PC Cube complies with ISO 14001 and EU environmental standards.
  • Ensures quality of production by maintaining constant efficiency.
  • Reduces cost of production by decreasing maintenance times.
  • Guarantees the safety of operatives.

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