The 2-in-1 DuplexPro® Synthetic Extract Filter eliminates the need for two separate filters in the extract system

DuplexPro Spraybooth Filter

Beta Group’s continuous development of its products and services has led to the launch of DuplexPro® – the new 2-in-1 spraybooth extract filter. This new, EPA compliant filter replaces traditional glass fibre and synthetic filters used in the spraybooth extract system.

Having been designed for use within shallow raised base spraybooths, DuplexPro® is a viable alternative to traditional glass fibre as it is easier to handle and lasts longer in real world conditions. Operatives throughout the UK inundated Beta Group with complaints regarding the roughness and irritation caused by glass fibre. By manufacturing DuplexPro® we hope to reduce skin and respiratory irritation.

DuplexPro Spray Booth Filter

DuplexPro – Innovative & Simple

The innovation behind combining the functionalities of two filters, ensures DuplexPro® performs optimally. Having undergone extensive laboratory and field testing, Beta Group has received excellent feedback from its clients, all of whom were exceptionally delighted with the way DuplexPro performed. The company is excited by the impact the 2-in-1 filter will have on the bodyshop industry.

Why You Should Choose DuplexPro®

By listening to, and understanding, the needs of our clients, Beta Group has designed DuplexPro® to appeal to the whole of the vehicle finishing industry from independent bodyshops to large car manufacturers.

Lab tests have shown that DuplexPro® has greater dust holding capacity and service life compared to the glass-fibre/synthetic combination.

By introducing the 2-in-1 filter to the bodyshop industry, Beta Group hopes to assist large bodyshops and car manufacturers in reducing their carbon footprint. DuplexPro® is an environmentally sustainable product made without harsh chemical processes.

Having been manufactured from recycled plastics, DuplexPro® is Beta Group’s first completely eco-friendly product, which could herald a new dawn for spray booth filters. The automotive industry has been transitioning to environmentally sustainable products, including using recycled materials to build new cars for a number of years, with more to be done in the future. [1]

Replacing Filters Just Became Easier

One observation from Beta Group’s research into the development of a 2-in-1 filter was that some bodyshops were willing to forego the routine replacement of their filters because of the amount of time it would take and how often they need to be changed.

Replacing the traditional glass-fibre/synthetic combination is not an easy task and more often than not requires two operatives to complete the job. Installing DuplexPro® only requires one operative. Not only do you drastically cut down the number of times you need to replace the filter, but you also have a spare operative to work in a different part of the bodyshop when it is time to replace DuplexPro.

A key component of the positive reviews Beta Group received during the testing phase was the convenience of installing DuplexPro®. A great amount of time was saved when compared with having to install two filters within a spray booth.

DuplexPro Spray Booth Filter

DuplexPro® Reduces Irritation

In addition to reducing the number of times filters need to be replaced, protecting operatives is a key intention behind the manufacture of DuplexPro®. As is known industry wide, the glass-fibre filters are unpleasant to handle, being manufactured from an abrasive material and can cause skin and respiratory irritation.

DuplexPro® is a departure from the material used for glass-fibre filters, being manufactured from safe, recycled plastic, making it smoother to handle, resulting in reduced irritation. No additional PPE is required to handle DuplexPro.

Longer Lasting Spray Booth Filter

Beta Group strived to develop and manufacture an environmentally sustainable product that saved our clients time and money – DuplexPro® does just this. The company has successfully developed a 2-in-1 filter, which has already received positive reviews, and is not just a purchase of a filter, but an opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of a bodyshop.

DuplexPro significantly reduces filter change downtime and boasts a greater holding capacity. It does not need to be replaced as frequently as the traditional glass-fibre filters providing excellent value for money. To purchase DuplexPro®, contact our team on 01706 878 330.


  • gas-safe
  • safe contractor approved
  • BESA
  • NBRA
  • ABP
  • chamber of commerce
  • CHAS Transparent