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Meeting our supplier members: Beta Group Ltd

Our supplier member Beta Group Ltd is one of the country’s leading ‘filtration and engineering services’ specialists. They operate with 3 divisions: air filtration, spraybooth services, building services.

Following a number of acquisitions, Beta Group has expanded further by providing a range of building maintenance services and testing for public, commercial and industrial buildings.

They have engineers located throughout the United Kingdom to provide nationwide, rapid response.

We met the Managing Director, Martin Lewis. He started the business over 30 years ago as a manufacturer and supplier of spraybooth and HVAC filters. He was happy and proud to share his successful story with us and all our members.

Where are you based? When did you start your business? Which type of services do you offer to your customers?

Beta Group operates nationally from our head office in Bacup, Lancashire. Our engineers are conveniently located across the country to provide rapid response to customers. Established in 1987, the company has grown to become one of the country’s leading ‘filtration and engineering services’ specialists.

Our Spraybooth Division provides a complete range of maintenance services to suit all makes and models of spraybooths across all industries, including:

• Servicing and maintenance

• Emergency breakdowns

• Spraybooth filters

• Technical services

• Spraybooth aftercare

• New equipment and installation

More information can be found on our brand-new website,

How many people work for you?

Beta Group currently employ over 65 members of staff.

Do you have, or would you like to have any apprentices?

Beta Group promote and invest in apprenticeships as a way of allowing new talent the opportunity to learn by experience in a professional environment. Beta Group are heavily focused on customer service and apprentices often bring a fresh approach and positive attitude to learning new skills, making them the perfect addition to the Beta team.

Do you have any projects for the future?

Beta Group have just invested in a brand-new website to improve corporate image and provide a clearer message on the services available. We have also heavily invested in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System to streamline company operations and improve the management of customers service schedules. Moving forward, we will continue to employ high standards of customer care whilst delivering excellent product/service quality.

We currently have numerous capital equipment projects in the pipeline for 2018. Working with our customers to upgrade and replenish aging spraybooth equipment.

Why did you decide to join our association?

An NBRA membership provides Beta Group with a great opportunity to form partnerships with other UK wide members, especially the body shops. As the NBRA promotes high standards and excellence, members can expect similar quality assurance from Beta Group’s products/services.  Beta Group are among the longest standing members of the VBRA/NBRA, having forged a strong alliance many years ago. We feel it is invaluable to be part of the association assisting with the issues facing our customers.

Tell us something about your experience with us.

We have dealt with the NBRA for many years since its inception. Many of our best customers are members and recognise the quality alliance.

What do you think is good and what we should improve for our supplier members?

It is a quality organisation and a badge of honour for its members that protects and fights for the industry. More focus on spraybooths and safety surrounding spraybooths would be useful.

What would you say to body shops or suppliers not part of the NBRA?

You only have to look at the growing members list to see the value.

How do you see the future of our industry in Britain? Do you think you will have any problems because of Brexit?

It is very difficult to predict the impact of Brexit. There will be pressure from European manufacturers to focus their operations in European Union. However, the UK is a huge market and offers a fantastic opportunity. With advances in technology and UK investment there will be a lot of change. It is unclear what the net effect of this change will be.

Thanks to Martin Lewis. managing director and Danielle Stephenson, marketing manager, for their availability and kindness.

If you want to know more about our member Beta Group Ltd contact them on 01706 878330 or email


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