Improving the Efficiency of Spraybooths: Regularly Changing Spray Booth Filters

To continue our journey of helping bodyshops across the UK improve the efficiency of their spray booth, today we focus on regularly changing spray booth filters. Spray booth filters are a key component of any spray booth as they help maintain a safe, efficient, and clean system and spraying environment to help increase efficiency.

Ineffective, or poorly specified filters can quickly become clogged, creating imbalance and airflow restrictions. Fortunately, keeping up with the maintenance of your spray booth and the regular replacement of correctly specified spray booth filters can be made easier with the help of Beta Group.

When it comes to routine maintenance for spraybooths, one of the most important items to check off your list is the filter change. Spray booth filters must be replaced periodically as a clogged or overloaded filter can hinder proper airflow causing dust or overspray to impact the final paint finish and a risk of fugitive emissions into the working area.

The cost to rework one paint job is often more expensive than a replacing set of filters. In the long run, having a schedule in place to replace your filters will prove more cost effective.

Incorporating Filter Changes into your Regular Maintenance Schedule

By regularly replacing your spray booth filters, you can reduce the likelihood of the equipment failing, saving costly repairs and downtime. Beta Group encourages clients to change their extract filters before they become saturated and replace inlet filters at every service interval. Not only will this protect you from unexpected breakdowns but will also limit the amount of time your spray booth is out of operation.

Replacing your spray booth filters in between services is just as important as the regular maintenance checks to ensure your spray booth is working to both its optimum efficiency and productivity. The lifespan of filters differs from booth to booth and depends on a range of factors, including number of spraying hours, materials being sprayed, and the environmental locality.

It Pays to Purchase High Quality Spray Booth Filters

An effective way of ensuring your bodyshop remains profitable is by investing in high quality filters. The risk of taking short-term savings on cheaply made spray booth filters is higher than you might think.

Whilst there may be cost savings in the short-term, low-cost alternatives tend to have a lower performance capability, increasing the frequency at which you need to replace your spray booth filters. When you use a low-grade spray booth filter, not only do you risk higher operating costs, you also risk the possibility of having to replace and repair motors, ductwork, and fans.

By selecting Beta Group as your preferred spray booth filter supplier, you are dealing with a UK-based manufacturer that has been supplying and installing spray booth filters for over 30 years. You can view our entire range of filters, here.

Spray Booth Filters Supplied by Beta Group

When selecting a spray booth filter, make sure to choose the correct media for your application. At Beta Group, we offer pre-filters, extract filters, inlet filters and specialist filters.


Pre filters come in all different shapes and sizes, pad, rolls, bags, and panels. These filters are designed to remove airborne contaminants before the inlet filters. They help protect the more valuable inlet filter and promote a more efficient filter system.

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Extract Filters

The main goal of extract filters is to ensure the air leaving the spray booth cabin is clean and free of any contaminates and particulate, preventing the build-up of overspray on system components.

Your extract filter may continue working, even if it is clogged, but overusing the filter can drastically impact the performance of your spray booth.

Beta Group supplies numerous extract filter medias including glass, synthetic and kraft paper products. More recently, we have brought to market an innovative dual density synthetic fibre which can be used to replace a 2-stage filter.

Inlet Filters

Inlet filters are designed to cleans the air to a very fine level (less than 10 microns) that enters the booth. Even a small amount of dust or other debris can contaminate the spraying process, resulting in expensive rework and wasting resources.

Why Choose Beta Group

Beta Group offer a ‘one stop shop’ for all your spray booth requirements. From new equipment, service and maintenance, repairs to technical testing. Our extensively trained staff can help with all spray booth related enquiries.

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