Factors to Consider when Choosing a New Spray Booth

Have you ever entered a car showroom, looked around and thought to yourself, “There’s way too many cars here, how do I choose which one’s for me?” Businesses face this exact dilemma when it comes to purchasing a new spray booth.

As a trusted, impartial company unaffiliated with any manufacturer, we have over 30 years’ experience installing, servicing and maintaining all makes and models of spray booths across a wide variety of sectors. We can offer advice regarding any spray booth specification and then we will install it for you.

What Type of Spray Booth Do You Need?

The first step is to understand whether you need a fully enclosed or open-faced spray booth, and it depends in which industry you operate. If you’re a bodyshop, a fully enclosed booth will provide the ideal clean environment for painting vehicles. Open-faced booths are generally used for painting components.


Generally found within industrial finishing industries, such as wood finishing, an open-faced spray booth provides excellent ventilation and protection from overspray. Since these booths have an integrated extraction wall, all paint overspray and contaminants are quickly extracted from the work area.

Fully Enclosed:

Fully enclosed options are the perfect spray booth for the automotive industry as they provide a cleaner painting environment. They significantly reduce the amount of dirt, dust and debris inclusions that can impact the painting process due to having an intake filter installed inside the booth. The filter removes airborne particulate to 5 microns which helps to ensure the highest air quality inside the cabin.

These booths also usually have automation features and heating systems, greatly increasing your productivity and decreasing your margin of error. Heating technology can cure the paint quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of imperfection to the vehicles’ paint surface.

All spray booths must undergo testing to meet legislative requirements, all of which can be carried out by Beta Group. You can find out more about the testing services we provide here.

Airflow Inside a Booth

The way in which air is distributed around the booth is the second thing that must be considered.


A crossdraft spraybooth is designed to make the air move directly across from one end of the cabin to the other. They are extremely popular as they have low installation costs. A major disadvantage of the crossdraft is that more masking is required to obtain an excellent finish than the other types of booths.

Semi Downdraft:

Semi downdraft spraybooths create diagonal draft patterns that move contaminants and overspray towards the side of the booth. These spraybooths have an airflow that hits at a downward angle, it is likely that operatives will be exposed to an unnecessary amount of overspray.

Side Draft:

A side draft spraybooth operates by bringing in filtered air through the ceiling and extracting it through the sidewalls of the workspace. This creates an even airflow around the object being painted and draws overspray and contaminants down and away from the finish, making for a much cleaner environment and more efficient finish. The major downside is the cost of manufacture is much higher than the other types of booths.


The unique airflow characteristics of downdraft spraybooths have made them ideal for both large and small vehicles. The airflow pattern that runs straight down from the ceiling to the floor. Since the air is drawn around the vehicle and extracted out underneath, the laminar flow pulls overspray and contaminants downwards no matter where the operator is spraying. The only disadvantage is that a downdraft booth must be raised on steel basements, or over an excavation, to allow the downdraft to function.

For the best results, the air that is used in the spraybooth must be as clean as possible in order to prevent contaminants from interfering with the spraying process, as this impacts the quality of the finish and could lead to uneven results.

Maintenance, Servicing and Overall Costs

Purchasing a new spraybooth is a costly investment and having a national service provider, offering support and spare parts is paramount to keeping your operation up and running.

Spraybooths can break down at any given moment. Beta Group offers an emergency breakdown response service where we aim to fix spray booths within 24 hours.

Not only can we take your requirements and offer you the best spraybooth available, we can provide you with the required air filters and aftercare support to ensure your spraybooth runs at optimal performance all year round.

If you want to know more about how Beta Group can help you, contact the team on 01706 878330.

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