Improving the Efficiency of Spraybooths: Keep It Clean

There are many advantages in keeping spraybooths clean, including reduction of costs and improved performance over time. Keeping spraybooths clean might seem like simple advice, but sometimes simple advice can go a long way. It is important to learn everything you can about cleaning a spraybooth properly. The more information you get, the easier it will be to maintain.

Cleaning Schedule is Needed

An important aspect when it comes to keeping a spraybooth clean is to establish a cleaning schedule. Regardless of whether you use a spraybooth every day or a few times a week, a cleaning schedule will help you keep on top of any issues. Even though routine cleaning does take time and manpower, a clean booth leads to higher quality results.

It is not only the spraybooth that needs to be cleaned. Routine maintenance for spraybooths won’t stop dirt from falling off an operatives clothing or equipment. Designated PPE should always be stored in a clean area, with all protective garments, nozzles and equipment that enters the spraybooth being cleaned on a regular basis.

Tips for Keeping Spraybooths Clean

A few simple things will help keep dust out of the spray booth and make cleaning an easier task. Keeping the doors of the spraybooth closed as much as possible, especially when it’s not in use, is vital to ensuring the cabin remains as clean as possible. When you are ready to begin using the spray booth, the extraction system should have already been activated to remove any contaminants in the air through the filters.

Preparing & Cleaning a Spraybooth

Before you start cleaning a spraybooth, it is vitally important to wear the correct PPE, including a face mask, to ensure you don’t inhale any of the contaminants that the cleaning process may produce.

Protective gloves must be worn when cleaning any surface in the spray booth. If you have a larger spraybooth, you will require a pressure washer to ensure maximum efficiency. Best practice is to mix a paint-removing product with water for an effective way to remove the paint from the walls. Stubborn areas will require a higher amount of paint-remover solvent. Once you are finished cleaning, apply water to each surface to fully remove any remaining paint particles. Whilst cleaning the spraybooth, minimise any outside contamination into the area.

Beta Group’s spraybooth care products can help you further reduce the risk of contamination of the surface. By utilising our products, such as tack coating and dirt traps, cleaning is made easier and takes less time.

Tack coating can be easily applied to spraybooth surfaces to protect from paint, dust, and overspray. Once the coat loses its particle-binding capacity, it can be washed off and reapplied without impacting reflection capacity. Depending on the use of your spraybooth, it’s recommended you re-apply tack coating every few weeks for maximum protection.

Our dirt trap wall masks are great for surface protection, trapping dust, dirt, and overspray, whilst protecting your investment and reducing spraybooth maintenance. Beta Group recommends you replace your dirt trap every 2-3 months to maximise efficiency.

Regularly Replace Your Filters

Anyone who wants to make cleaning their spray booth as easy as possible will need to replace their filters when necessary. Cutting corners on air filters or trying to push them past their lifespan puts unnecessary strain on the spraybooth and causes further contamination, increasing the risks to operatives.

The best way to preserve your air filters is to maintain the quality of air inside the spraybooth. The more you cut down on unnecessary dust and debris and paint wastage, the longer your filters will last. The longer your filters last, the more money you will save.

While you might want to save some money by getting cheaper filters for your spray booth, this is rarely a commercially beneficial idea. High-quality air filters work more efficiently and will help keep the airflow in your booth consistent, whilst arresting particulate and contaminates. A poor-quality filter may last longer but this is a sure sign that it is not capturing contaminants effectively. You can find Beta Group’s range of high-quality spray booth filters here.

Spraybooths Aren’t Forever. Take Care of Them

If your spraybooth breaks down, much of your business can grind to a halt, whereas a quick weekly check can prevent many issues arising. You can find a full range of Beta Group’s spraybooth services here.

If you need your spraybooth serviced or your air filters replaced, ring our team on 01706 878 330 or talk to an agent via our live chat.

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