Install and Service Your Air Conditioning Systems with Beta Group

Beta Group’s commitment to enhancing our service provision has culminated in the company expanding our facilities maintenance services by offering the installation of specialist air conditioning systems to schools, offices, and factories.

Alongside our current service offering of servicing and repairing air conditioning systems and replacing and fitting air filters for air handling units (AHUs), we will now also install these same systems. We are increasing the sectors in which we operate by carrying out installations for hospitals, hotels, and commercial buildings, alongside car dealerships and educational establishments.

Installing New Air Conditioning Systems

Beta Group’s new service provision all starts with a free, no obligation site survey carried out by a fully qualified air conditioning engineer, who records all your air conditioning assets.

The survey aids compliance with regulation and legislation and helps to achieve better financial results through potential cost reductions. We replace guesswork with informed decisions relating to performance, costs, and potential risks. Using all the information from the survey, we design the right solution for your building and budget.

Once a quote has been accepted, our team of fully qualified fitters will install the air conditioning system, with all necessary works being managed by Beta Group from start to finish to minimise inconvenience and maximise efficiency.

On completion, you will receive a complete record of your air conditioning assets and a certificate of quality assurance, which is our promise to you on the work we have undertaken.

The Benefits of Regularly Servicing Your Air Conditioning System

The frequency with which you service your air conditioning system will depend on several factors, including the model, its age and how it is used. Beta Group recommends having your unit serviced at least twice a year, depending on the environment and frequency of use.

Regularly maintaining your air conditioning system will help it perform better and provide a great number of benefits for the user.

Better Energy Efficiency

Clogged air filters and dirty condenser coils mean that an air conditioning system must work harder to do its job, using more energy in the process. An inefficient air conditioning system will increase your energy bill and leave a larger carbon footprint on the environment. Routine servicing will make your unit more energy efficient, which could translate into savings on your bottom line.

Longer Operational Life

As with any major equipment, a regular service will extend your systems operational life. With the right amount of care and attention, you will make the most of your air conditioning system. The sooner you fix a faulty or malfunctioning part, the better the system will operate.

Lower Overall Repair Costs

Routine service and maintenance can help you avoid costs against unexpected breakdowns. By not regularly maintaining your air conditioning system, it can stop working at any time and you will foot a bill larger than the cost of a maintenance contract with Beta Group.

Expanding into New Sectors

By enhancing our service provision, Beta Group is now able to offer services to a greater range of sectors, including healthcare and hospitality, as well as increasing our current offering to the education and automotive sectors.

Our fully trained professionals install, maintain, and repair air conditioning units to the highest standards ensuring the occupants of any building can be assured that they are in a comfortable environment.

Air Filters for Your Air Handling Units

As a manufacturer of air filters, we can also supply you with a range of HVAC air filters for your AHUs, all of which can be found here. All our filters are manufactured in our UK-based factory and can be installed into all commercial and industrial AHUs.

Speak to Beta Group today by calling 01706 878 330 or use our Enquiry Form if you are looking to service, repair, or install an air conditioning system.

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