Beta Group Celebrates its 15th Year as the UK Distributor for Filtrair

Having operated within the air filtration industry for over 30 years, Beta Group has gained an incredible reputation for being one of the UK’s premier air filter manufacturers, suppliers, and installers. For over 15 years, Beta Group has been working alongside Filtrair, a leading worldwide manufacturer of synthetic air filtration media and rigid pocket filters. Beta Group is proud to have cemented itself as the sole UK distributor for Filtrair products.

Filtrair is recognised as a specialist supplier of air filters, primarily to the UK automotive spray booth industry. Beta Group has also established a strong presence in this industry, providing a range of spray booth services to clients located throughout the country; all of which can be found here.

The synergy between Beta Group and Filtrair has proved to be commercially rewarding for both organisations as Filtrair has established a strong base in the UK and Beta Group is able to offer its customers an additional range of high quality spray booth filters. You can view Beta Group’s full range of spray booth filters here.

Filtrair Diffusion Media Filters

Filtrair’s main product, sold in large volume by Beta Group, are their high-quality inlet filters: CC-600 G, CC-660 G, and FF-500 G. These synthetic, fibre-based inlet filters provide high quality spray booth filtration and are utilised by major automotive manufacturers throughout the UK.

The filter media is constructed from selected high performance, non-breakable fibres in a progressive density multilayering technique allowing high depth loading to ensure high dust holding capacity with optimal lowest pressure.

Filtrair Drop Safe® Filters

Filtrair Drop Safe® Rigid Filters serve as efficient pre or final filters in the air intake systems of gas turbines, capable of being used in any environmental condition, including offshore, marine, and land, and in any climate.

The filters are specially designed for the elimination of airborne salt crystals, but can also protect final filters from dust, salt, and water, as they have been designed to act as a filter and coalescer in one. This prolongs the life of the final filter, increases the operational safety, and lowers the energy costs.

Filtrair Rigid Pocket Filters

Filtrair Rigid Pocket Filters are developed for gas turbines, compressors, and turbomachinery for intake air, as well as exhaust or recycled air. They are installed in industrial installations with stringent requirements to withstand high airflow and high dust concentrations.

Constructed with 100% synthetic fibre-based media to ensure high depth loading, these filters combine sequential multi-progressive density layers to ensure a low pressure drop. This results in long filter service life and lower energy and maintenance costs.

Filtrair Hydrophobic Media Line

A unique pre-filter wrap specifically designed to act as a barrier to protect high efficiency canisters. Constructed from 100% polyester, high water repellent media, it is available from Beta Group on a roll and in a variety of sizes to fit both cylindrical and conical canisters.

These filters significantly prolong the pulse-jet cartridges’ life and increase their operational safety. They are easy to install and change, cost-effective and have a coalescing function in case of high-humidity.

The hydrophobic pre-filter is suited to protect higher efficiency canister filters during seasonal increases in dust concentration, which limits the impact of an increase in moisture. Prolonging the life of the cannister and increasing its operational safety. Easy to install and change as and when required, the Hydrophobic Media Line ensures the efficiency of the canister remains high.

Filtrair TMV Rigid Compact Final Filters

Filtrair TMV serve as highly efficient final filters in air intake systems of combustion engines. Being extremely durable and designed to withstand rough handling and hostile environments, all plastic frames and the synthetic filter media are unaffected by moisture and dust whilst ensuring the filter is lightweight.

They are available in filter classes M6 to E11 and can remove almost all airborne particulates, including those that are submicron, providing full protection from corrosion and erosion. All Filtrair filters supplied by Beta Group adhere to ISO 16890 / EN779:2012 and ISO 29463 / EN1822:2009 standards, depending on the filter class.

TMV Filters used in combination with pre-filters offer optimised efficiency, long durability, and low pressure drop.

Filtrair HVAC Filters

Filtrair has also developed a range of products that have been applied in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in a range of industries, including petrochemical, food and beverage, and airports.

The HVAC filters are generally utilising in air handling units that require a high degree of cleanliness, as well as being very effective when applied as a pre-filter or as a ceiling filter in industrial paint booths.

You can view Beta Group’s entire range of HVAC filters here.

Filtrair’s products have been a key part of Beta Group’s filter range for over 15 years. To find out more about the Filtrair products sold by Beta Group, view the brand page here. If you are looking to replace your spray booth filters or HVAC filters, speak to us about our Filtrair filters that are cut, boxed, and distributed from our premises. Contact our team on 01706 878 330 or fill in our Enquiry Form.

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