Different Types of Air Filters

If there’s one thing Beta Group knows it is air filters. With over 30 years’ experience manufacturing and supplying spray booth and HVAC filters, we’re confident that we can supply air filters for any scenario, any situation, anywhere in the UK.

The thing to remember is that there are several different types of filters, including panel filters, synthetic media filters, bag filters, rigid bag filters, specialist HVAC filters, and spray booth filters. Each of these can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Bag Filters

Predominantly used in HVAC systems for industrial and commercial applications to improve indoor air quality, Bag Filters combine high standards of protection with low pressure drop. The design incorporates multiple pockets ideally suited for applications requiring high dust holding.

All filters supplied by Beta Group are manufactured in-house; our Bag Filter range includes:

  • S/Pak Bag Filters – synthetic filter suitable for general heating and ventilation systems.
  • M/Pak Bag Filters – high efficiency multi-pocket filter with a longer bag depth for greater dust holding.
  • R/Pak Bag Filters – 100% synthetic fibre media held within a rigid frame to ensure high-depth loading.

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HVAC Filters

Designed to protect HVAC systems from dust and airborne particle, HVAC filters are integral in improving the quality of air within a building. It’s advised HVAC filters are replaced regularly to prolong the life of your HVAC system. Our range of specialised HVAC filters includes:

  • Foam Filters – suited for air conditioning, fan coil units and spray tan booths.
  • Grease Filters – designed to reduce fire hazard and remove cooking oil fumes from exhaust fans.
  • Carbon Filters – provide odour control and used for purifying gases and liquids.
  • Drop Safe Filters – suitable for extreme environmental conditions and used to drain airborne water particles.
  • HEPA Filters – high efficiency particulate air filters designed to protect those who are prone to respiratory difficulties.

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Panel Filters

Panel Filters act as a pre-filter and play an important role in extending the lifetime and indoor air quality of air handling units in residential and commercial buildings. The pre-filters protect fine filters by capturing larger particles that pass-through heating and ventilation systems. We supply a range of Panel Filters including:

  • Glass Fibre Panel Filters – used in general heating and ventilation systems, factories, workshops, and spray booths, offering protection against dust and paint.
  • Synthetic Panel Air Filters – used to the filter large particulates and are commonly used in general ventilation systems to protect duct mounted equipment.
  • Pleated Panel Air Filters – common air filters used in heating and ventilation systems and mounted in air handling units. Design of Pleated Panel Filters provides a rigid long-lasting air filter.

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Rigid Bag Filters

A high performance air filter, Rigid Bag Filters combine long durability with a high dust holding capacity and a low pressure drop making them the ideal air filter where large volumes of air are to be handled.

Sometimes referred to as Cassette Filters or Compact Filters, these air filters and are commonly used in air conditioning and ventilation systems where space is at a premium.

Used in a wide range of HVAC applications, all Rigid Bag Filters supplied by Beta Group come in grades F6 to F9 and adhere to ISO 16890/EN779:2012 standards. Read more here.

Synthetic Media Filters

Synthetic Media Filters are often used as pre-filters for air treatment systems within spray booths and air handling units, as well as general ventilation systems. Beta Group supply Grades G2 to G4, with filters being cost effective due to their longevity and high dust holding capacity.

This type of filter is manufactured from synthetic fibres which, when placed together, produce a range of multi-directional fibres of differing weights and thickness. We can supply full rolls of filters or cut pads, depending on your requirements. Find out more here.

Spray Booth Filters

Beta Group specialises in the supply of inlet and extract filters for spraybooths, all of which are manufactured in-house. Our spraybooth filters adhere to all current legislation, including ISO 16890/EN779:2012.

Regularly replacing spraybooth filters is a must if you wish to prolong the life of your spraybooth, as well as ensuring optimum paint finish and providing cleaner air for the internal and external environment. Our range of filters include:

  • PC Cube – high-performance solution that reduces operating costs and lowers your carbon footprint. Superior holding capacity when compared to other spraybooth filters.
  • Diffusion Media (Intake Filter Roll) – fibre-based ceiling filter to provide high quality spray booth filtration.
  • Pre-Filters – designed to suit pre-filtration applications for every type of spray booth.
  • Input & Extract Bag Spray Booth Filters (Intake Filter) – deep pocket bag filter providing high dust holding capabilities. Suitable for all makes and models of spray booths.
  • Glass-Fibre Spray Booth Filters (Extract Filter) – ideal for spraybooth extract floors, with excellent longevity.
  • Layered Paper Spray Booth Filters (Extract Filter) – provides fine filtration with high level of retention, as well as being suitable for all solvents and water-based paints.
  • Pleated Paper Spraybooth Filters (Extract Filter) – cardboard filter designed to attract paint.
  • Dust Collector – designed to improve performance and reduce energy costs.

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Beta Group is the Best Choice for Air Filters

With over 30 years’ experience, Beta Group has been manufacturing, supplying, and installing air filters for a wide range of industries and clients across the UK. If you need filters, whether standard size or to fit a bespoke specification, ring the team on 01706 878 330 or talk to an agent via the live chat. Find out more about our air filtration service here.

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